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Topdown Creativìty

2017-09-19 17:17


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Topdown Creativìty

Drone - Topdown Creativity - Tutorial & Tips


Drones give us a unique perspective of the world and the possibility to play with our creativity. The topdown shots are really impressive and is something hard to imagine laying on the ground... so that’s why I always recommend when discussing with anyone flies a drone to put straight down the camera, the "God’s eye view" may surprise you every time!
we love playing with lines to create geometrical symmetry. In my opinion, is one of the best things you can do with your flying camera... especially when flying above farmland, trees, fields is a good idea to tilt the camera 90° down and try to compose an amazing shot! Maybe at first sight you won’t see anything to capture, but it could be because of your position, so try to rotate your drone to the left and to the right according to the scenery. 
When I took this shot, I didn’t thought to create something like that until I flown above the right point, with the camera straight down giving the right rotation to the drone... so keep flying and have a nice topdown!
Topdown shots and shadows are a great mix too.
Especially at sunrise and sunset, when the sun is low and creates amazing long shadows, the scenery could be really amazing by this point of view...
So enjoy a brand new perspective!
Love the sea pattern, especially when it’s perfectly calm as you can see in the pic... sunrise is the best time to shoot this kind of shots for that reason!


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